Starbucks executives know that our stores are facing a variety of challenges, and last year announced a “bold reinvention plan” aimed at making a better experience for store partners. Meanwhile, Starbucks is making headlines and attracting Senate attention for tampering with the federal right of store partners to have fair elections, free from fear, coercion, and intimidation.

This behavior of not listening to partners has also impacted us, the support partners. An unforeseen and poorly planned “return to office” mandate is making our lives more difficult, prioritizing corporate control over productivity, diversity & inclusion, and individual job satisfaction, effectively reducing our ability to positively impact store partner experience.

We love Starbucks, but these actions are fracturing trust in Starbucks leadership. Our mission of serving “one cup, one person, and one neighborhood at a time” is explicitly ignored when corporate policies attempt to eliminate the individuality of our partners and stores. Morale is at an all-time low, and the brand reputation and financial value of this publicly traded company are at risk.

As Starbucks Support Partners:

  • We call on Starbucks to reverse the Return to Office mandate and allow support teams and individuals to have a voice in setting the working conditions that make them happiest and most effective.
  • We call on Starbucks to commit to a policy of neutrality and respect federal labor laws by agreeing to follow Fair Election Principles, and allow store partners, whether pro- or anti-union, to decide for themselves, free from fear, coercion, and intimidation.

We are all one Starbucks, we are all partners. We believe in Starbucks, we believe in its core values, and we call for a return to those values. When all partners are included, as trusted partners with a voice, we know that Starbucks can truly be a different kind of company.

We, the 121 undersigned. As of 4/26/23 at 5:30 pm PT. Updated regularly.

Adam BaumeisterJohn Bergeron
Alex KatzJon Rodriguez
Alexis MoralesJonathan Wenger
Alun JonesJoshua Brainard
Amanda StockbridgeJosslyn Gosch
Andrew EdahlJulie Pember
Andrew LloydJustin Lentz
Archana RajuJustin Shorney
Ashlie BergeronKai Schaller
Bartley KleypasKaren Brown
Brandon AbbottKarmin Mauritz
Brian WirtKat Reinhart
Callie SmithKellie Davenport
Chad BellKelly Drake
Christopher CoxKyle Stadler
Courtney SutterLaura Burbank
Cyril BouannaLauren Watanabe
Dan PierceMatt Cles
Dana GouldMichelle Kozlowski
David HullMonique Chase
David LewisMora Labisi
Daniel FuentesNatalie Griffin
Elliot RobinsonNathan Glucksman
Eric EngquistNichole Ikeda
Erin Garlow Peter de Jesus
Erin O’ConnellRebecca Gose
Gabriela VillateRoss Abbott
Genie Leslie Ruth Menger
Hillary RudolphSean Meenaghan
Ian BowersStephanie Kolokotroni Jones
Jacque KimzeyStephen Somers
Jake SklarewStephen Steward
Jason StoffTaylor Rowe
Jeff YaskusTimothy Walker
Jennifer RevenigTrisha Johnston
Jenny Starks-DeanWill Asrari
Jesse TurnerZoe Nelson

and including 47 who wish to remain anonymous.

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